A New Day

Hi There Neighbor!

Got cabin fever? This school year has brought fresh challenges for us all - for students, their parents & caregivers, faculty, and the school.

As the parent booster club for Choir, Dance, Drama, and now the Visual Arts - CDP has been seeking to help wherever we can.



We asked our most engaged volunteers to share what their experience has been so far this school year. Here’s what we heard:

  • Students miss their friends.

  • Students need to be able to participate in something.

  • Many students are struggling with their mental health.

  • Parents & caregivers are unsure of what the plans are for fine arts at Marcos.

  • Everyone is curious if there will be opportunities for students to perform.


As parents, grandparents, allies and caregivers, we’ve had these concerns ourselves! Here’s what we decided to do:

Help out where we can

Each program is adapting to online learning. Some needed “Home Kits” so students could still practice and grow, so we helped put them together:


Every family is managing the risk of COVID differently. Most prefer to keep gatherings small & outdoors. Here’s what we are working on:

  • Drive-In Movie: we are working to put together a Drive-In movie experience so people can stay in their cars but still see each other in person.

  • Small group hang-outs: we’re looking for ways where a small group of students (4-6) can connect in person with social distancing.

  • Online hangouts for parents & caregivers: a regular opportunity for you to connect with us.

Like any of these ideas? Vote below!


The big question for many is:

What’s going to happen with live performances like the musical?

Simply put, we don’t know. We do know it’s a big decision with a lot of factors outside of faculty control. We know that can be tough. My son Kyrian has looked forward to performing in the musical as a Senior since he first joined Marcos.

One solution being considered by every program is digital performances. We love that idea!

Digital performances would require new purchases - video equipment, software, sets/props/costumes/etc.

Many of you know how difficult it has been to fundraise for the fine arts at Marcos so, to address that, we are forming the Marcos Fine Arts Foundation, an independent, community non-profit to support fine arts education at Marcos De Nizas.

This non-profit community foundation will enable all parent booster clubs, student councils, and allies to fundraise effectively online. We are currently in discussions with the school and the District to ensure full compliance with regulations.


Stronger, Together,

CDP Board