Choir Parent & Student Information

MdN Choir Handbook 2019-2020 - Google Docs.pdf
Choir Code of Conduct - Google Docs.pdf
The MdN Choral program utilizes a program called “Charms Office Assistant” to organize student accounts, music library, uniforms, and communication. CHARMS is a newtechnology for us and is intended to make the inner workings of the choir more transparent for students and adults. This technology is NOT connected to the districtbookstore in any way so it is imperative that each student turns in a receipt to the choiroffice for each deposit made in the bookstore. At the beginning of the school year, each student will be directed to update their information on CHARMS. This will include updating parent contact information. The Director and the MdN Choir/Drama Parent organization will use this information tocommunicate with parents about important choir events.Students and parents will have access to account personal information on CHARMS by the CHARMS app on their persona ldevice (smartphone, tablet, etc) into the CHARMS website